Middle School Principal's Message

Trent KreischerThe 2021-2022 school year is upon us which means many new opportunities for Crestview Middle School students, parents, and staff. This year begins with the hope of continuing and expanding upon many of the time-honored traditions and activities of the past with an eye on innovations for the future. I am excited to see our students once again filling our hallways and to see their smiling faces as they tackle the new challenges and opportunities this year holds. I want to thank our parents for the role that they are playing in that maturation process with their children. CMS has the opportunity to be a part of that growth, as well as the partnership that our school is able to form as a school with parents. That partnership means everything to the development of our children.

Last year certainly brought about a litany of challenges that were out of our control. Our community, staff, and students faced an adversity never seen before with amazing resolve and success. Simply stated, we could say “WE DID IT” in reference to making the 20-21 school year a success. As I had some time to reflect on last year, I realized that statement is true, but only a part of the journey. We are going to continue to face challenges related to the effects of COVID-19 and its aftermath. We will continue to not just cope and adjust but thrive, because that’s what Knights do. Last year was only a sliver of our journey in preparing our students for departure into their careers and the next phase of their lives. We will continue to focus on instilling the competencies laid out in Crestview’s Portrait of a Graduate---Innovative Thinker, Informed Citizen, Interpersonal Communicator, Integrity-Driven Decision Maker, and Invested Worker.

“Everything's Impossible Until Someone Does it.” This CMS’s theme for the 21-22 school year. That phrase actually comes from Batman. I love superhero movies because of the wonder and fascination that genre induces in our thoughts. It’s so cool to see the special abilities that superheroes possess. They make things that seem impossible look easy. We know this is a fantasy world. However, in thinking of our theme, with hard work, perseverance, grit, innovation, and creativity we can make the impossible become possible. We showed last year that we can do it. Many of the ideals associated with the theme are also interwoven in the Portrait of a Graduate. At CMS our students can become anything they want to be and achieve what may seem impossible! #WeAreCrestview

Have a great school year! Please feel free to email at [email protected] or call me at 419.749.9100 option 2 if you have any questions or concerns. You can also follow me on Twitter, @CK_Coach, and on my YouTube Channel, for news and views as it relates to education and our middle school.

Everything’s Impossible Until Someone Does it!